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  • Hard Recovery

  • Raid & Server

  • Laptop Recovery

  • Exchange Recovery

  • Forensic Recovery

  • All HDD Recovery

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery is very proud of its recovery record from IDE, SATA, SCSI and SAS hard disks. The unrivalled success rate achieved is partly due to the importance it places on cutting edge technology of...
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  • External Recovery

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery has the ability to recover data from all kind of external hard disk drives like Lacie, Iomega and Freecom hard disk drives. Given the fully equipped laboratory and the large stock pile of components...

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  • SSD Recovery

    Sample imageAs a new technology the SDD (Solid State Disk) drive used instead of usual hard disk drive especially in laptops. UniDataRecovery is able to provide data recovery services and retrieve lost data from any capacity SDD disk drive...
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  • All Raid Recovery

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery Laboratories continues to achieve such a perfect success rate due to its professional team who deals with all kind of RAID Data Recovery (like RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10, RAID 01, RAID 5...
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  • Mac Raid Recovery

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery provides Data Recovery Services for all MAC RAID and MAC Servers types including Apple mac Xserver, as well as Mac based file systems including: MFS, HFS, HFS+, HFSX, XSERVER and XSAN...
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  • Server Data Recovery

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery Experts can recover lost, deleted even damaged data from all types of Raid Servers like NAS, SAN…ext, and those services are conducted by the most experienced RAID Recovery engineers…
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  • PC Laptops

    Sample imageConcerning PC laptop’s, notebook and Pads, UniDataRecovery can assist you in data recovery from Damaged hard drive and partition or deleted, formatted and wiped data from all windows based devices...
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  • Mac Laptops

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery offer data recovery services for Apple MAC laptops, notebooks, iPads or any devices using: HFS, HFS+ and HFSX as file system. No matter what’s the situation of the hard disk drive, whither is damaged...
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  • Linux/Unix Laptops

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery Data Recovery Services successfully recovers lost, missing, deleted, or inaccessible data from Linux or UNIX laptop hard disk drive. We manage to recover data from Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, ReiserFS...
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  • Xchange Server Recovery

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery has the ability to repair and recover data from deleted or corrupted EDB and STM files (MS Exchange Server email database) and extract all mailboxes to pst files individually. We can...
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  • Exchange Recovery

    Sample imageData Recovery Services for exchange OST file (Microsoft Exchange offline storage), we are capable to restore emails from corrupted or orphaned OST file to outlook PST file or extract all emails directories and files...
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  • Mail Recovery

    Sample imageEmail recovery is a process of recovering e-mail messages from deleted, lost and archived mailboxes. UniDataRecovery can successfully recover entire items from the Microsoft Outlook PST file, Outlook...
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  • forensic Recovery

    Sample imageThe UniDataRecovery forensic technology & Cybercrime services include so many things, among it is: investigation of suspected breach, inappropriate material in workplace, data mining and...
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  • UniRecovery Investigation

    Sample imageUniDataRecovery is involved in the investigation the suggested activities of a senior employee suspected of viewing inappropriate websites during work time on work. UniDataRecovery applies forensic technologies...
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Welcome to UniDataRecovery


Why UniDataRecovery?

Sample image

High Qualified stuff: Data Recovery experts dedicated to find the best solutions for more complex jobs.

Use of high level Technology: Dust free-laboratories are a must in our industry, apart from professional hardware and software utilities.

High Security Policy: That’s what makes UniDataRecovery a trusted and proven brand in data recovery industry.

UniDataRecovery Guarantee

Sample image

1- No Fix No Fee : There will be no charge at all if your data cannot be recovered.

2- No Diagnosis fees for : Digital cards & memory stick data recovery, as well as .pst and .edb extraction and outlook email recovery.

3- 100% Confidentiality : Complete discretion with regards to client data protection.

Laboratory is it Important ?

Sample imageA single speck of dust entering a hard disk could cause fatal results. It is larger than the distance between the read/write heads and the platter in a hard disk (40 microns, a human hair being 100 microns thick) and its collision with the Hard Disk head would be extremely detrimental...

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Who's UniDataRecovery?

Sample imageUniDataRecovery, One of the leaders in Data recovery field, headquartered in London UK with branches in  Europe's, giving support to our global clients from small, medium to fortune 500 corporations.